We Value Transparency, Creativity, & Client Success 

At Bold Brands, we’re not just a digital marketing agency – We’re your partners in success. Our journey began with the goal of empowering businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

With a relentless commitment to innovation and creativity, we collaborate closely with our clients to turn their visions into remarkable realities. Our client-centered approach fuels every strategy we create, every design we craft, and every campaign we launch.

Behind the person

Meet Our Founder

Meet Mallory Peacher, the founder of Bold Brands Marketing. With a background as an SEO analyst and valuable experience working within digital media agencies, she has seen firsthand the opportunities and challenges that digital marketing presents.

With an unwavering commitment to providing clients with a better, more personalized experience, she decided to branch out on her own. Bold Brands Marketing is a culmination of years of expertise, a passion for results, and a deep-seated desire to deliver exceptional digital marketing solutions.

Digital Marketing Experts

Staying up to date on the latest SEO strategies
Leveraging innovative content marketing techniques

Designing impactful social media campaigns

Keeping up with the latest email marketing trends
Utilizing data-driven marketing analytics
Celebrating client success stories

This is Our journey


The Idea of Bold Brands Marketing came to Light

While working in the digital marketing space, I learned a lot and gained valuable insights into how to create strong digital campaigns. By creating my own company, I could ensure my clients receive quality deliverables that fit their needs fully.


Website Building

Through most of 2023, I worked with my team on building a website that showcases the services we offer. We also created our website to be a space for learning and growth within the digital marketing realm.


Bold Brand Marketing Officially Launched

In January of 2024, we officially launched as a Digital Marketing Company. Throughout that time, we have gained valuable relationships with clients and hope to add to our list of businesses we offer support to in the future.

… to be continued

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